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Music for Stores

BGMC Station

CLAP's operates "BGMC Station," a background music distribution service for stores, under exclusive license from BGMC, which operates the Cafe Music BGM Channel with 3.7 million subscribed users on YouTube.

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Used in a variety of store types

"BGMC Station," operated by CLAP's, offers a new standard in background music distribution for retail stores. The core of our service is an exclusive license with BGMC Records. This license allows us to exclusively provide carefully selected, high-quality music to a wide variety of stores. This allows our customers to create a unique music experience in their stores that is not available anywhere else.


The quality and diversity of our music collection facilitates the selection of background music that matches the personality and ambience of each store, and BGMC Records' music provides a pleasant environment for customers visiting the store with its outstanding sound quality and sensitively composed music.


In addition, through regular music updates, the store's background music will always remain fresh and engaging. An easy-to-use digital platform allows customers to easily select and manage their background music. "BGMC Station" provides powerful support to help your store build a brand image that stands out in the community.

Exclusive Licensing of BGMC Music

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